Our AI-powered platform makes it easy to automate repetitive admin tasks, saving time, improving customer experience and increasing revenue.

Associated with:

G 28, G 1145, etc.

How the workflow works

Automated Form Filling

Workflow variations

Custom Retainer Agreements

Invoice collection


Document Checklists

AI Assisted follow ups for all tasks

Private chat messaging and technical support from Noodle

Client login portal for your website

Why should you use this workflow

Save time on repetitive admin work like chasing clients for payments, mistakes on forms and unlock 24/7 AI-powered customer support trained on your business.

Who should use this workflow

If you are a small to medium sized law firm and looking to scale your business without hiring more staff, this template is for you. It is customizable to your unique business needs and integrates with all the tools you already use.

Key benefits of this workflow

All government forms are filled automatically from client form and questionnaires

AI automatically follows up with clients on any pending tasks like missing form information and invoice collection

Automatically populates all necessary checklists

Provides always on, AI-powered customer support chat trained on your business

Provides a mobile friendly client portal connected to your website (or standalone) for access to all forms, questionnaires, payment processing and more

Seamlessly integrates with your payment provider

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a calendar integration?

Can I create custom questionnaires?

Can my customers access their account on a smartphone?

Can this be integrated into my website?

Does this find leads for me?